CBTEX believes in the interaction between people and businesses, that’s why we build partnerships with like-minded people and organizations.

Summa International Fashion

A broad program 
Summa International Fashion is a broad, fully English-taught program. A combination of the disciplines Fashion Designer and Product Coordinator Fashion. You will graduate in one of these two fields, but with a broad basis.

Insight into fashion 
As a designer you make designs for a collection. As a product coordinator, you make sure that designs actually come into being. At school, you develop creative, technical, commercial and organizational skills. Subjects such as trend watching give you insight into fashion. Textile and product knowledge will help you increase your technical skills.

Circular fashion and innovation 
You will work on your commercial and organizational talents. You will also learn to work with different computer programs. Circular fashion – in the context of sustainability – and innovation are central to the program.

CBTEX and Summa Fashion 
At CBTEX we are proud to be connected with Summa International Fashion. We hope to be able to support the next generation of fashion designers and buyers in their efforts.
Our team members are available to the students for sharing their knowledge and support.

Rising Lions Sports – Roaring with Passion

Determination and perseverence
In the heart of Rising Lions Sports are a set of values that determine our essence. We believe in the power of perseverence, pushing our limits and taking on challenges with a strong mindset. Respect is our leading principle. Competitors, fans, partners and sponsors are treated with dignity and respect.

Teamwork and talent development
Rising Lions Sports is not only focused on personal achievements. We understand the power of teamwork, unity and collective growth. By our joined efforts we have created a strong family spirit, in which each individual can explore his or her personal talents.

CBTEX and Rising Lions
We have teamed up with Rising Lions Sports because we share the same values in business. To work together to achieve the best. It is only by team efforts that we can reach incredible heights. We are roaring along with these Lions with passion!


Core Values
At RaketNet we create websites. Because of our unique approach, you can be assured of a satisfying result. We work with a set of values that goes beyond your expectations. We make you think better!

  1. Honest – we do what we say, and we believe in trust. You can trust us, and we trust you.
  2. Involved – we want to create the best possible website for you. So we need to know you.
  3. Independent – we do what we do best: build your website. You can do a lot yourself afterwards.
  4. Dedicated – we are always available to follow up on your requests or solve a problem for you.
  5. Practical – we try to keep it simple and effective, by using our knowledge and experience.

CBTEX and RaketNet
The core values of RaketNet are the key to their success. To be helpful, dedicated and practical will always result in positive results. At CBTEX we are also dedicated to help buyers and suppliers find eachother. We are very satisfied with the website RaketNet created for CBTEX and we therefor give them all 5 stars!

How does CBTEX select partners?

We like to work with other companies, businesses, schools and organizations to strengthen our global network. Partners are not necessarily fashion or textile related entities. We also like to engage in education, sports and other types of businesses.

So if there is an overlap in what you are doing and what CBTEX is doing, we should discuss the possibilities to team up as partners and help eachother to become stronger. We can cross-link to create a bigger brand awareness.


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