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Product Development

Once designs have been made, you want to change 2D into 3D. In other words: the design drawings and sketches need to be translated into an actual product to wear. To make this important step you can count on our CBTEX development skills.

To convert garment designs from drawings to actual wearable clothing is our passion and a well developed skill. Besides, we have experience with the integration of wearable electronics such as heating systems, blue tooth systems and phone connections. Check out Spacelife

Quality Control

Our team members in China are based in Shanghai, Fuzhou, Quanzhou and Xiamen. It is their daily business to visit factories that make garments and to check the in-line production as well as the finished products.

A standard QC is a check of workmanship, constructions, sizing, measurements, colours, fabrics, trimmings, finishing, packaging, boxing, labeling, barcodes (sku’s) and carton markings.

You can ask CBTEX to do your QC checks in your chosen factories. We can independently check and report to you as our client, to ensure your bulk products are made well before they are exported.


We work with a number of solid transport partners. If you wish to move your ready goods from China to Europe, we can connect you with the best logistic partners. We have good contacts for the three most common disciplines of transport from China:

Sea -> average time 30 to 60 days -> least expensive
Train -> average time 15 to 30 days -> medium expensive
Air -> average time 2 to 5 days -> most expensive

By importing goods from China in either way, you will be confronted with import duty or tax. Our logistic partners can help you to import your goods and handle the tax matters for you. At CBTEX we can also advise you on this topic. You can contact us for any enquiries or questions.

Guest Lecturing

Several of our team members are hired by schools, companies and organizations to lecture students or employees about their specific knowledge.

If you like to receive some inside information about how the textile business works, you can request lectures in several areas of expertise:

Design – Development – Buying – Marketing – Sales – Import – Logistics – Tax/Duty

Just contact CBTEX to discuss the possibilities and get profiles of our guest lecturers.
If you find a good match, we can arrange the appointment for you.

Why does CBTEX offer you these services?

Our team members are all experts in their own field. So the knowledge of every aspect in garment manufacturing is covered. From first design drafts to building a full collection. From technical sketch to pre production sample. From start of bulk production until delivery at your frontdoor.

Most of our team members work independently and can offer you their services. At CBTEX we can guarantee high quality support, as we know all our team members personal experiences and skills very well. You will get high level input for every assignment.


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